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Welcome to a miniature world of possibility...

Join me as I chronicle my progress building 1:12 and 1:24 scale dollhouses full of steam power, stars, invention and yes, clockworks...

Building from scratch...or a kit.

Sep 1, 2011

My idea was to build a Queen Anne style dollhouse from scratch, but being that I don't know much about dollhouses, I didn't really know where to start on this.  I drew up some plans and considered material choices, wall thickness, ceiling height etc, but I kept losing focus.  Dang, this dollhouse scratch-building stuff is a lot of work!

I began to oggle the kits that were on the market.  How much easier would it be, I thought, if I just bought a kit and knocked out wall here, or put a dormer in there?  Far easier, I imagined.  In fact, there was even a Queen Anne kit, made by Real Good Toys, that would almost entirely fit the bill of what I wanted in a house - and it was giant!  With, unfortunately, a giant price tag.

Then, for my birthday, my husband suggested I go buy a kit that I wanted.  We both agreed the RGT Queen Anne was too expensive, and in reality, the QA was a little too big and just didn't "speak" to me in the way I wanted.  Instead, I kept coming back to an old Duracraft San Franciscan and falling in love with it's two front towers.  The only problem was, the SF was too small for what I wanted!  Do I sound like Goldilocks yet?