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Kitchen Appliances!

Dec 10, 2012

My refrigerator looks small next to the massive stove - but it's 5 ft tall in scale!
I got my Aga stove from Scale Designs today!  I'm stoked because now I finally have all my kitchen appliances, and all I have to make are the cabinets (well, at least when it comes to what I have to make structurally, that is...) I have been drooling over this unfinished stove for several months and finally decided that I needed to get it before it was gone. It's made by Rosemarie Torre and is the only 1:24 scale Aga I've seen made in the US and the only one with such exquisite detail. The listing on the website indicated the hood was no longer available so all I would get is the stove, which was fine by me - I was planning to insert the stove into the alcove of the "old" kitchen hearth, so having a hood wasn't really necessary.

Doesn't fit the way I thought it would!
Imagine my surprise when the stove showed up with a hood!  Boy, now my mind is spinning.  It looks so fancy, and of course - the stove doesn't fit in the fireplace alcove. Time to bash that hearth right out of there and install a lovely french-styled range instead.  I can't wait to start on this one!  And oh oh oh, what color to paint it... :)

 And finally, an inspiration shot:


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