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The Easy Cutter Ultimate - a review

Dec 17, 2012

Today I got an Easy Cutter Ultimate (from Hobby Builder Supply.)  So that I could finish cutting this:

and turn it into this:

Honestly, how did I ever live without this tool?  My hands are under enough strain as it is, and it's not uncommon for my mini-work to go slowly because I have to take breaks to rest my hands.  I have Sjogren's/Lupus, which means my joints ache whether I take breaks or not. They ache more often with repetitive movement or any movement that places strain on the finger joints.  So, when I decided to cut a thousand 3/4" long wood floor pieces to craft a herringbone floor, I knew there was going to be some pain.  The problem was, I just didn't realize how much.

When I first began cutting, it quickly became apparent that a million small cuts with the X-acto wasn't going to work.  I stepped up to the box cutter, which was slightly easier but still painful and slow.  Then I went to the scissors, which were much easier but didn't offer precise cutting.  What to do?
The Easy Cutter, next to all my other mini-cutting tools.
Enter the Easy Cutter.  The blade cuts like butter.  The grip feels comfortable even in my small, fragile hands. The action of cutting is smooth and gentle, so precise cuts are easy.  It doesn't require a lot of hand strength to use, which is key for me. All in all, I am extremely excited about adding this tool to my toolbox, and it's going to make cutting all those little wood pieces so much easier!  Not to mention, it can cut precise angles for crown moulding!  If you don't already have one of these for mini work, you need to get one today!


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